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All our courses can be delivered in a variety of different ways. Some courses might have to be delivered in the classroom if there is a specific practical observation that would need to be carried out to achieve the standards of the qualification. EG- CPR.

Please see our list of specialist areas below, if you want to know more, click on the button to discover more.

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Care Certificate

We have designed a portfolio that consolidates the 15 standards of knowledge required for completion into a user-friendly workbook and a series of 4 online facilitated sessions. By having a scheduled programme, all learners will be able to walk away knowing they have achieved all sections.

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Dementia Awareness

An introduction session to those that are new to care or caring for a loved one at home. 
The session will explore dementia models, communication techniques and evidence-based research.

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Loss & Bereavement

Losing a loved one, resident or colleague can be a difficult time for most.
Our expert facilitators deliver a thought-provoking and emotive session that gives delegates the opportunity to develop their skills and help others coping with death. 

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Textured Modified Diets

Our experienced Dysphasia Chef will deliver a world-class session that works with the IDDSI framework and uses both theoretical and practical teaching methods to reinforce the importance of different levels

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Care Certificate Assessor

This 6-hour session is designed to develop colleagues, regardless of job role or assessment experience. The Learning will focus on the principles of assessment and the work required to complete a care certificate portfolio.

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Induction / Compliance

Developing new colleagues and maintaining colleagues records can be a challenging time for line managers. At HD we can work with you to provide your teams with the regulator and legal requirements. 

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Medication Administration

Our Medication Administration course is perfect for those new to administering meds or those returning to practice after a period of absence.

We can also offer up-date training for those in need of a refresher.

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Clinical Courses

Our team of clinical trainers are able to deliver online workshops in wound care, Stoma, News2 & Sepsis, Diabetes, Syringe Driver & End of Life.

In addition to online facilitated sessions, we could also deliver sessions in the classroom or your place of work.

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Infection Control 

Our team of experienced nurses, carers and trainers have all worked in a H&SC environment. ​
Whether you require a new starter induction or a refresher for your team, we can help. 

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Moving & Handling of People

The team at HD pride itself on delivering the best induction and refresher training in the sector.
Our team of qualified instructors can work on a one-to-one basis or in groups of up to 10.
We also can provide Key Mover updates and workplace assessments.


Health & Social Care

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