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Moving & Handling of People

This practical course is designed for those that are new to care or returning to this role after a period of absence. In addition, this is a great annual update for all colleagues. 

  • Dynamic & documented risk assessment

  • TILE approach to risk assessment 

  • Keeping yourself safe whilst caring for others

  • Moving & handling legislation, incl HSE data

  • The ergonomics of the spine

  • Safe use of wheelchairs, hoists, other lifting equipment, and a range of other non-mechanical moving & handling of people equipment, EG: slide sheets, turn disc, handling belt etc…

  • Importance of servicing of equipment 

  • Risk assessment, care plans and documentation

  • Demonstration and assessment of aiding someone to stand, sit and turn.


A selection of theoretical & practical assessments are used throughout the session. All learners must pass these areas of assessment to achieve a certificate for the programme. 

Due to the level of assessment per delegate, this course is limited to a maximum of 10 delegates.

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Moving & Handling of People

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