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Clinical Courses

All of our clinical courses can be delivered online. If you would like a more practical session, we can always deliver the trainer to your place of work.

All practical face times will be longer than the times outlines below, due to the practical assessments that might be required.

NEWS2 & Sepsis - 1 hour

anatomy and physiology of the systems within the NEWS2 parameters in health and illness. How to calculate a score and what this score means in regards to sepsis screening and when escalation is required. 


Diabetes - 3 hours

Anatomy and physiology of diabetes, how to obtain a blood glucose reading, different treatments available and how to monitor and care for people living with diabetes. 


End of life - 2 hours

what symptoms to expect from the dying patient and how to support their relatives. How symptoms can be relieved both with and without medication and reflect upon experiences in practice. 


Syringe Driver - 3 hours

how and when to set up and use the T34 syringe driver, exploring common medications used in the syringe driver, how they can relieve symptoms and how to titrate doses from oral to injection. 


PEG - 1.5 hours

Anatomy and physiology of a PEG tube, how to care for a patient living with a PEG tube, red flags and how to troubleshoot complications. 


Stoma - 1.5 hours

Anatomy and physiology of a stoma, managing residents input and output. Exploring different appliances that can be used and how to apply them. 


Wound care - 3 hours 

Anatomy and physiology of wound care, looking at common wounds seen in a care home setting, how they can be prevented, how they are classified and when they need to be reported and what dressings/ treatments are appropriate to use.

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Clinical Courses

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