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All our courses can be delivered in a variety of different ways. Some courses might have to be delivered in the classroom if there is a specific practical observation that would need to be carried out to achieve the standards of the qualification.

Please see our list of specialist areas below, if you want to know more, click on the button to discover more.

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IT Courses

Our IT trainer can help you whether you are looking for an adoption programme for a large digital transformation project, or looking for one of IT skills development in Excel, Word, Powerpoint or Teams.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

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Mental Health First Aid

Our experienced mental health instructors offer a broad range of sessions. We offer introductory mental health awareness sessions to full 2-day certificated programmes accredited by Ofqual. Click to discover more.

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Modern Slavery

This session is perfect for those that are managing colleagues. In particular, those that are involved in recruiting and inducting.

The session will give you an awareness of the signs of exploitation, forced benefit fraud and many more. In addition, detail how to deal with them. 


IT & HR Courses

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