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We offer courses in various formats. Classroom delivery may be necessary for certain courses that require practical observation to meet qualification standards, such as Emergency First Aid.


Check out our list of specialised areas below and click the button to learn more.

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Our services include providing clinical training for your healthcare staff and enhancing the soft skills of your front-line care colleagues. We can assist you in ensuring that your team is adequately trained to meet the CQC standards.

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Coaching & Training

Do you want to enhance your coaching or facilitation skills? We provide customised solutions and an excellent Train The Trainer program that spans over two days.

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Do you have a major transformation project where your team need to adopt a new system? Are you in need of modedrn slavery training for your leaders? You will find this and more in this section.

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Mental Health & Neurodiversity

We offer a range of options to support you or your organisation, whether you need a 1-hour microteach or a full Mental Health First Aider.

Our neurodiversity course will provide you with immediate tools that you can apply directly in your job.

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First Aid Qualifications

At HD, we provide various First Aid sessions including awareness training, as well as 1 and 3 day qualifications.

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Corporate & Office

Do you need a course for your call center team or a team building day? We offer off-the-shelf and customised solutions tailored to your needs.

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Food & Nutrition

Our food & nutrition trainers consist of chefs, nutritionists, and speech and language therapists. We offer RSPH qualifications and specialised TMD training through our dysphagia chef.

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Leadership Development

We offer various learning interventions to assist you or your leadership team in areas such as coaching, skill development, and knowledge enhancement.

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Lego® Serious Play®

Playing with your hands can activate 80% of your brain. Do you want to try a new approach to team identity or strategy planning? Do you want to write  your strategy in a more efficient modern way? Let's us bring LEGO® into your training room.



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